Hosting Review


Last Reviewed: May 5, 2017

Key features

  • Quick To Start.
  • Easy To Manage.
  • Made To Scale.


CloudWays is a Platform as a Service solution that will allow you to manage your unmanaged virtual private servers (like those offered by Amazon or DigitalOcean) with a complete control at a lower cost compared to the managed services.

This service provides a way to get many of the benefits of a managed hosting services at the cost of an unmanaged server. It is aimed for growing businesses, it is very easy to start, easy to manage and made to scale. Unlike unmanaged virtual private servers, you don’t need advanced technical skills required to setup, manage and secure a server.

CloudWays platform simplifies the process to run your web applications (since a WordPress site to a Laravel app) so running your cloud server is no rocket science. As an administrator, you can control all the tasks with simple clicks and manage your database using Cloudways DB Manager.

Also, it is made to scale, so you can easily add more resources like CPU, RAM and storage whenever needed. It is possible to create as many web applications as your server can handle and set parameters directly from UI.


Check for plans including money-back guarantee