Linux: Checking Free Space

In Linux, we have some useful command lines to check if there is enough free space in your partitions or check the disk space usage. These two useful commands are df and du.

While df command report the file system disk space usage, the du command is useful to estimate the file space usage.

How to check free disk space in Linux using df command


$ df -h

and the output will contain a list of file system partitions with their respective mounted path, size, used space, and available space. It is also showing the % of used disk.

How to check estimated used space with du command

Alternatively, if you want to estimate how much space is being used, you can run a du command (see more about du command here).


$ du -sh

And this will output the estimated disk usage.

GUI software to visually check the free space

If none of the above commands fit your needs, there are some applications with graphics user interface that will help to determine the space used. xDiskUsage and  Free Disk Space Applet are two of them.